What is Networkr?

Networkr Grows Your Business

We assign you seating so that you can meet new people during each event.

Networkr Keeps a History

Saves a history on when and where you met your connections.

Networkr Creates New Opportunities

Networkr helps ensure each networking event is as value packed as possible.

How It Works

Made by Networkers for Networkers. Networkr is a networking platform that provides useful tools for networking events. It helps connect everyone at a networking event and assists in building stronger relationships outside of the events.

Networkr increases referrals inside your group. Networkr keeps a history of who everyone has met and sits everyone with people they haven't met yet, growing everyone's relationship capital. Networkr is easy to use and setup.

What's Included

Networkr comes with everything you need to network at an event.

Levels of Relationships

Networkr uses Levels of Relationship to help make sure you're always meeting new people.

  • Level 0: Peer Someone you haven't met yet.
  • Level 1: Met At least one positive interaction.
  • Level 2: Know Someone you really know.
  • Level 3: Know & Trust Someone you've trusted.
  • Level 4: Raving Fan Personal advocates.

You can search and browse through all events you've been too and that are upcoming.

RSVP for the ones you want to go to and Networkr will remind you when they come up.

After entering your industry and demographic information, Networkr then helps sit you with people you haven't met yet with a strong emphasis on what your targeting.

Once the event starts and the group organizer saves the attendee list. Everyone becomes connected.

Group members get a level 0 connection of everyone who is at the event. And everyone at their table becomes a level 1.

Guests get a level 1 connection with everyone at their table. But not everyone in the room.

Networkr helps you track your Networking ROI. It shows the relationships you've mad and thank-you's and referrals you've sent via the app to and from others.

What Networkers are Saying

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