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Networkr© is the best way for networking organizations and networkers to grow their business!

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If you're a networking organization your life just became easier and your membership will grow. If you're a networker your business will grow because when you attend a networking event you will always be meeting new people, building real business relationships, and making more money!

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The benefits of using Networkr©

Networkr is designed for both Networking Groups and Networkers.

Grow Your Business

Networkr helps you grow your business faster and more efficiently by providing you with the opportunity to create better connections and stronger business relationships. You will generate more business referrals and have more business opportunities than ever before.

Save Time

The most valuable resource you have is time. Networkr not only saves you time, it helps you become more effective and efficient. With Networkr, you can spend more time on what's important to you while building real connections that will generate more opportunities to grow your business!

Opportunities to Meet New People

Every time you attend a networking event, Networkr makes sure you are meeting new people that will help you grow your business. You will be able to track and network with everyone you meet at all the different networking events you attend!

Making it easy to find networking groups and events

Not all networking events are equal. Networkr makes it easy for you to find the right networking group to help you make better connections and grow your business. Networkr lets you find and join organizations and events in your area. If you get busy (as we all are), Networkr will remind you of any upcoming event you've RSVP'd for.

Learn How to Grow Your Networking Group & Events

Do you have a networking organization that you want to grow? The success of any networking group is dependent on the success of its members. Networkr provides the tools to not only grow your organization, but also retain the members you have. Networkr will make your job easier, will make your members happy, and will make your networking group the one that everyone wants to join!

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Networking Groups
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Request a demo
As a networking group you will need to request a demo so we can show you exactly how to get started with Networkr to begin growing your membership!

Networking Group Member
Step 1:
Download the app from the App Store or Play Store
Step 2:
Sign in and customize your profile
Step 3:
Allow the app to access your location and turn on notifications
Step 4:
Find a group to join & register for an upcoming event
Step 5:
Meet new people and build your network
Step 6:
Tell others to download Networkr!

People like to do business with people they know and trust. Networkr will give your the ability to meet new people, build real connections, and grow your business more quickly and efficiently than ever before! See more features